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Get a Bigger Wagon

Over a decade ago, Gord Haddock presented his wife, Maureen, with a list of 75 incidents from his boyhood that taught him some basic life and business truths, which he still embraces, today. Always one to organize, he suggested Maureen would be the perfect person to write his stories.  

After some thought, Maureen began the interesting task of writing someone else’s experiences, in a dramatic fashion, while keeping the stories truthful. She released two books about her husband’s boyhood misadventures. Even though she had known Gord since he was twelve years old, she came to understand the boyhood thinking of her entrepreneurial husband. Get a Bigger Wagon and Get an Even Bigger Wagon contain forty-six stories, and there is enough material left on Gordon's list to produce another book.

Soon after the books were published, a get a bigger wagon philosophy began to develop. The Get a Bigger Wagon website has become home to the get a bigger wagon philosophy. In the Haddock household, they often teasingly tell each other to get a bigger wagon. It is their way of saying, "Tough it up, try again, stop whining, or get over it." A Get a Bigger Wagon pilot for television is in development.

The website is also home to Maureen’s From the Cookie Jar Blog, which celebrates memories, ideas, and the best of vintage, family-tested recipes. The television pilot for From the Cookie Jar has been completed. Please visit; or find us on Facebook, or Pinterest.