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Maureen's Mini Bio

Maureen Haddock was born into a printing family and spent much of her early childhood, with her parents, in their Manitoba weekly newspaper office. At the time, her parents were the youngest publishers in Manitoba. Her love of the printed word grew from these stimulating surroundings. 

Maureen received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan in 1970, and, later the same year, she married her entrepreneurial childhood sweetheart. A talented writer and educator, Maureen has distinguished herself in the fields of communications, training, creative services, and writing. She has used all of these skills in the many businesses she and her husband have shared. The twenty years Maureen spent teaching in their Saskatchewan TBS stores were pivotol for her.  

Maureen has written two books, one published in 2005 and the other in 2012. Get a Bigger Wagon and Get an Even Bigger Wagon contain true stories about her husband’s misadventures growing up in small town Saskatchewan in the 1950s and 1960s. She believes his early experiences in Saskatchewan nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit. Maureen is delighted that an entire get a bigger wagon philosophy is developing and a pilot based on the Get a Bigger Wagon stories is in development.

In the spring of 2013, a redesigned Get a Bigger Wagon website, became home to Maureen’s From the Cookie Jar Blog. Her retro style blogs are about memories, ideas, and recipes. A pilot for a From the Cookie Jar cooking show has already been filmed.

Maureen is presently working on a third book, based on the true love story of an entrepreneurial Saskatoon couple who escaped from Iraq. She is hoping to release this book in the late fall of 2015.     

For more information visit Get a Bigger Wagon.