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Belly Button Buddies™


The Belly Button Buddies™began to develop, as an entertainment concept, when Nicole Haddock, Saskatchewan writer and performer, wrote a poem for a painting done by Canadian fine artist, Denyse Klette. The painting is now called The Warble because that was the title of the first Belly Button Buddies poem. Nicole wrote the poem in August of 2000. The next day she wrote Buttons, which became the signature poem for the series, and Denyse created a magical painting to match Nicole's words.

Three days before a Belly Button Buddies art show was to open, Nicole went to the gallery to read the poems to Denyse. On a whim, Nicole decided to perform her words, rather than just read them. Curious gallery patrons gathered around to listen and laugh. The idea of mixing poetry, paintings, and performance was born in that moment. After that first gallery performance, the Belly Button Buddy performed for thousands of children and adults in schools, libraries, art galleries, theatres, at conventions, on television and on DVD.

The Belly Button Buddies can still be enjoyed in many different mediums, including books with audio CDs, a music CD, posters, videos, and now a television series of thirteen episodes. Belly Button Buddies for television aired many times in the prairie provinces and now is being aired in Birmingham, England and surrounding areas, on Big Centre TV. 

The pilot, for the TV series, was filmed in January 2008 and titled Unplug Your Children. Aimed at young children and their parents/caregivers, the DVD will inspire families to have old fashioned fun with whatever they find around them. 

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