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Alumni Contributions

Graduates from a college can contribute time, money, opinions, and ideas to their Alma Mater. Mentoring students and young graduates is also a way of contributing.

For two decades, Gord Haddock lobbied a succession of Deans from the Murray Edwards School of Business. He was of the opinion that the college should offer a major in Entrepreneurism. He knew this would have helped him reach his goal of starting his own business after graduation from Commerce in 1972.

Eight years ago, Gordon and Maureen Haddock decided to sponsor an annual entrepreneurial speaker and invite students and the public to listen and learn from the experiences of these entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have a connection to our province, and they inspire the audience by sharing the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journeys.

W. Brett Wilson was the inaugural speaker for The Gordon and Maureen Haddock Entrepreneurial Speaker Series. On the day of his speech, Wilson formalized a one million dollar donation to start the W. Brett Wilson Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Classes in entrepreneurism are now offered to all colleges at the University of Saskatchewan.

The second speaker in the series was Ted Hanlon, and he became the principal donor for the Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies. All of the speakers, in the series, have been entertaining and inspiring and have made contributions of time and money to young people in our community.

Gord and Maureen encourage every graduate of our fine University to give back in any way possible. Graduates can start small and still have a lasting impact.

Since the establishment of the first Gordon and Maureen Haddock scholarship in 1997, they gradually climbed the donation board at The Murray Edwards School of Business. They wanted to hit the $100,000 contribution level for the College’s 100thanniversary, and they have attained their goal. Giving, incrementally, over the years does add up. Every college has a donor board. Gord and Maureen encourage students and graduates to take a walk to the various colleges and seek out the donation markers. People are commemorated on these boards, forever.

The Haddocks like the idea of being part of The Dean’s Circle at the Murray Edward’s School of Business. Individuals can choose their level of financial commitment. If they have $1000 to give per year and can commit for five years, they can be part of this exciting initiative. Maureen and Gordon consider the circle to be a way to feel the pulse of the college, the students, and the future.

Although Maureen has spent most of her life in business, she graduated from the College of Education in1970 with a major in English. She always shared her passion for writing with her students. Even today, she frequently visits schools to read from her books and talk about writing. In 2009, Gordon and Maureen began contributing to the College of Education, starting with an annual scholarship tailored to students with an interest in writing.

As the Haddocks’ journey continues, it becomes more and more clear to them, that the best way to make the world a better place is to help young people be the best they can be.