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The Haddocks believe a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. In life, there are times to seek advice and times to advise. Gordon has always asked for the opinions of more experienced business people. In his younger days, if he knew he needed someone’s advice, he would even offer to pay for such expertise.

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before,” J. Loren Norris

Informal mentorship develops naturally, and often the mentor and the mentee know, immediately upon meeting, if they have something to offer or receive.  Certain people are meant to meet. For example, the Haddocks knew both Rauncie Kinnaird and Lorraine Forster. One evening both women were attending a function that the Haddocks were unable to attend. Maureen and Gordon had told each woman to look for the other, at the event. As luck would have it, they met while crossing the street to the event, both pregnant and admiring each other’s boots. The rest is history.

In the gallery, you will find some of Gord and Maureen’s favourite mentorship stories. Once a mentor-mentee relationship is formed, it is often sealed with friendship and, perhaps, partnership.

Lorraine Forster has permitted me to print this quote. She wrote it the way she talks, with energy and enthusiasm. It explains, perfectly, the way life unfolds. One must notice the opportunities and act on them.  

Lorraine writes, “I think the story of mentorship is about giving and receiving. If I had not been obsessed with Brett Wilson, I would not have joined the I3 Challenge, would not have met Gord as a judge, would not have met his amazing Maureen, would not have gained both mentorship and friendship, would not have been put in touch with Rauncie, when Gord and Maureen said ‘you have to meet this really great gal that has so much in common with you,’ and would not have recognized all her marketing and business savvy, or met her Tech wizard, Shelley, and therefore would not have gained Rauncie as a friend. Yes, mentorship is about connecting minds that are alike, yet, interestingly different.”  

In February of 2020, Maureen and Gord Haddock received the Raj Manek Above and Beyond Award for promoting entrepreneurship in the province. Rauncie Kinnaird (photo right) and Shelley Caldwell prepared the nomination unbeknownst to the Haddocks.