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Why give a scholarship?

Gord Haddock is a Commerce graduate, and the Haddocks have contributed time and money to The Edwards School of Business for decades. Since they have been in business all of their working lives, it made sense to help students who were on a similar path. 

Maureen graduated from The College of Education. For that reason, in 2008, they decided to expand their interests to include her Alma Mater. Maureen says, "We have contributed whatever we could afford, over the years. One doesn’t need to wait for financial success before contributing to one’s college." 

The Haddocks love it when past recipients keep in touch. Maureen and Gordon are always happy to hear about their recipients' accomplishments or to offer an opinion if asked for it. The Haddocks tailored their scholarships to be given to students with similar interests to their own, and, for that reason, they already feel a connection to these individuals. 



The Edwards School of Business - University of Saskatchewan

The Gordon and Maureen Haddock Entrepreneurship Award

1997/98: Tamara Forrester

1998/99: Shelley Moore

1999/2000: Duane Schellenberg

2000/2001: Jordan Hamel

2001/2002: Jacqueline Golding

2002/2003: Pak Chan

2003/2004: Travis McPherson

2004/2005: David Altrogge

2005/2006: Krista Gordon

2006/2007: David Tiede

2007/08: Daniel Park

2008/09: Casey Hood

2009/2010: Kendra James

2010/2011: Megan Doepker and Kayla Morrison

2011/2012: Ceradwyn Youngston

2012/2013: Anthony Paul and Spencer Oakes 

2013/2014: Cole Thorpe

2014/2015: Terri-lynn Minish

2015/2016: Anne-Elisabeth Majerus

2016/2017: Lauren Leshchyshyn

2017/2018: Nicole Good

2018/2019: Lyndon Li and Wilson Scheibelhoffer

2019/2020: Eric Turcotte and Brooklyn Hettel




The Maureen and Gordon Haddock Scholarship in Education

Maureen presented this scholarship for the first time in 2009. The recipient of this award is to be a student with a passion for writing and an interest in motivating students to write. Maureen is a graduate of the College of Education, a published author, and enjoys the communications, training, and publicity duties in their company. When her schedule permits, Maureen enjoys attending the awards ceremonies and meeting the student recipients.  Maureen recently said, “I love it when recipients drop an occasional note to us. I imagine one of these young writers will have a book launch one day, and I will want to attend.”  


2009/2010: Shayne Emond

2010/2011: Jillian Hamilton 

2011/2012: Carly Murray

2012/2013:  Riley Sharp

2013/2014: Rhonda West

2014/2015: Heidi Riley

2015/2016: Ebonie Becker

2016/2017: Ashlie Estabrooks

2017/2018: Deanna Pauls

2018/2019: Caroline May